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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mentor Opportunity and GIVEAWAY!!!

So many times we see those ads for free cute baby contests and enter our kids and then just forget about it until it hits us that we entered a contest so long ago and we must not have won or we would have heard by now. Well this time I entered my kid in hopes of winning, not because I want to see my kid on the cover BUT because the winning kid gets to take his MOM/parent to a photo shoot in New York! I would so love to be a fly on that photo shoot wall so HELP me out! You can vote daily for Asher with no strings attached, just go to the link, click vote and then type in the security code. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Click HERE to vote!

What's in it for you? Go the site and vote... then leave me a comment saying you voted and the date. YES... you can vote daily so be sure to comment daily as well, each individual comment will be entered into a drawing for a super cute brown baby beanie, flower headband and petty romper. Three prizes means three winners! Yay! Get voting and commenting!


Anonymous said...

I voted! 4/19 -sewfun681

Carissa said...

voted :) 4/19

Anonymous said...

4/20 Good luck! sarah p.