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Friday, November 25, 2011


I told myself I was going to post this at midnight, BUT... yesterday after enjoying some amazing turkey I was sucked into the hype of an ALL NIGHT shopping etravaganza. I kept telling myself I didn't need anything BUT... OMGosh... I decided last minute (9:30pm) to hit Walmart for the $6.88 sheet sets... I got an elbow to the boob, but got five sets. Gave a couple away that I didn't need while I was checking out... ran over and started to sit in line at Kohls at 10:15pm. At 12:00 the doors opened and my little posse and I divided and conquered. I got 2- $8.99 throws, 1 $9.99 waffle iron, and 2- $3.99 pillows. We were out of there at headed to Target by 12:30. My dad and brother had already stood in line at Target for 6 hours to grab two tvs and I had them grab me two razor scooters. When I got there I grabbed some jammies for me and the kiddos, a scarf and a another throw. Then off to Old Navy. WHat a joke. There was NO WAY I was waiting in THAT line. We headed home for a break. Then back out to sit in Sears' line at 3am. When the doors opened at 4am I was in and out of there in 20 minutes with my boots and my son's snow jacket and two super cute "Alaska" style snow hats for the kiddos.

SO... I wanna hear about what you got and I wanna get my dealio out there for grabs... RECIEVE 25% off your next photo session! Leave a post on YOUR facebook wall about this black friday deal and then go to my facebook page and tell me what your favorite black friday deal was of 2011... BESIDES this one of course. (small print: you must comment on your facebook about this deal and make sure Brianne Serrano Photography BLOG or Brianne Serrano Photography FACEBOOK is highlighted as a link. Only comments made between 9:30am and 11:00pm Friday November 25th will be valid. You will receive a confirmation message Sunday November 27th) (super small print: this discount will be applied to sessions booked between December 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012)

GET COMMENTING and be safe out there! (stay tuned for cyber Monday deals!)

Stay tuned for an even more amazing Cyber Monday deal!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As a mother (minus the photographer status) I take lots of pictures of my kids! And I mean lots. So often that in my millions of pictures I think to myself, "I know there is a 'gem' in all these candid shots. Something I can put on the wall. A smile, smirk, or silly face that not even the most patient photographer can capture." And I know you have them too! But sometimes they are hidden under the baby acne, wall outlets, dirty clothes piles, and lame lighting. You can make your photos "wall worthy" with just a few easy Photoshop secrets!

I am holding a Photoshop workshop especially for moms who enjoy taking candids of their kiddos. The class will be held during the week of December 19-23rd in Antioch, California, $35 a seat. I only have a limited number of spots so get your names on the list. This is a one hour Photoshop class where you can bring your photos and I'll show you how to make 'em shine! (This is not a photography class. This is a photo editing class.) Here is a sample of my 6 month old in my sons messy room leaning on a black stuffed animal, baby acne and all. Not the type of pic you want to display. Or is it?

To participate in this workshop you must have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 or newer, and it must be on your laptop that you can bring to class. Come join the fun! Email me at portraitsbybrianne@gmail.com to hold your spot. (Please email if you need to rent a laptop from me for the class.)

This photo took me 10 minutes to make print ready.