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Friday, July 2, 2010

Photo Tip Friday

Tip #1:
There is an old saying that goes: NEVER SHOOT at NOON! Well what the heck are we supposed to do if something fun actually happens ant noon and we need to take a pic? Alot of people think that the harsh sun can be your worst enemy... And they are right. However I MR. SUN and I have come to an agreement that he can SHINE ON, and I will just change my camera angle. No biggie right? RIGHT!!! So here's how to tackle MR. SUN this summer. Shoot downward with the sun behind your subject. The downward angle will let the sun come around and light up the front of your subject.
Here is an example...
I took these photos straight out of the camer to show the change in light on your subject.
This little cutie was about to blow this weed and was standing straight up, even thought I was already pointing the camera down as soon as she did blow she bent over and was about three inches shorter.

Because of that three inch or so height difference you can see the drastic change in brightness of the photo. And the vibrance of the colors as well. Three inches makes that much difference can you believe it?

And I couldn't leave you hanging without the final edit! Breathtaking!
From Brianne Serrano uploads

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